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Community Life

Community Gathers to Strengthen, Encourage and Support

Community Life

A church is meant to be so much more than just a building. At Lewisville, we want to show love, share life and serve grace together, and you can't do that alone. Research tells us that loneliness and anxiety among adult Canadians are at an all-time high, but most of us don't need research to tell us that. So what can we do? Throughout Hebrews, Romans and Proverbs, we learn the importance of community. A community that encourages, strengthens, supports and gathers.

If you want to join a community that gathers to strengthen, encourage and support, that's perfect! You are not alone. Many people felt the same way and started a wide range of gatherings.

Not sure how much you can commit? We have options from weekly to monthly to one-offs.

Not sure how deep you're looking for? We have options from sports to book studies and in between.

Below you will find a list of options with contact buttons to contact the point person for that gathering. We hope to see you soon!

Last update of Community life gatherings: Sept. 28 2023

Lunch Bunch

Open to all ages and stages of life, this group gathers every Wednesday at the church to enjoy conversation around the lunch table. Bring your own lunch. Tea and coffee are provided. We are back at it! See you Wednesday!

Lewisville Young Adults

We meet every other week. We catch up over snacks and learn together with consistent bible study. We've started back up for the fall and hope to meet you! Reach out using the link below for more information.

Hands On

Join us for our 'Hands On' meetings on Wednesday evenings from 6:15 to 7:45 at the church, conveniently running alongside Kidsville Plus. Explore your creative side in this laid-back gathering where you can work on your current project, be it knitting, sewing, crafting, or any hobby that fits your fancy. Our goal is simple - to enjoy creativity and company. Make Wednesdays a little more special with us at the 'Hands On' night!

Start date: October 11, 2023

Men's Basketball

Every Monday night, we run pick-up basketball games. Get out of the house, play hard and meet new people. 7-9 PM at the church. See you Monday!

ABW (Atlantic Baptist Women)

Open to all women interested in supporting local and global missions through education, resources and prayer. This group meets the last Monday of each month 1:30 - 2:30pm at the church.

Pal Gals

This group of women have committed to praying each month for a different 9-12 year old girl (pal gals) in our church family and making a contact to let them know they and their family are being prayed for regularly. A spring and fall event is planned for the entire group to gather and get to know one another better, intentionally intergenerational.

Kidsville Parent Cafe

The coffee pot is on for any parents or caregivers whose children are taking part in the program. Just outside the Kidsville auditorium, you can relax with your phone or chat with those waiting to pick up their children. Every Wednesday night during Kidsville Plus, 6:15 - 7:45pm.