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Covid Plan

Program updates in response to Covid Levels

Covid-19 Plan

As of March 14, the Province of New Brunswick has removed Covid restrictions. For Lewisville, that means that masks will now be optional. That said, we remain committed to various public health measures including sanitizer and increased cleaning in high traffic areas, and we encourage you to join us online from home if you are sick.

Some of us may be excited to be rid of the masks, and are ready to resume life without restrictions. Some of us may still want to wear a mask for various reasons and will continue to do so for the next while. And others may still not yet be ready to be in person and will choose to continue joining with us in our online environment. All of those options are not only valid, but fully supported as we journey through this next phase.

Church, as always, we are better together. We are one body and one family. We know you’ll want to continue to approach one another with the love and kindness that Jesus and the Scriptures have modelled for us, and that has marked our Lewisville family throughout this journey. Remember, we are still in this together.