Here for Good

The Campaign for Lewisville Baptist Church

It’s been a long road that has brought us back to where we started. But exploring every reasonable option has generated our firm conviction that we belong right here. That certainty will be crucial. Creating a mostly new church on this site will be demanding, disruptive and expensive. Many inconveniences and surprises lie ahead, as well as personal sacrifices. We set out sobered by the distance we must cover. But we are also allowing ourselves to feel the excitement of depending on God.How will He reveal Himself among us in this project? What will He do to increase our faith? What will He teach us that will empower our future ministry? As we offer our best to Him, these are the gifts He gives to us. We enjoy reminding each other that we are here, together, to serve. Now we begin a new journey. Armed with clarity, conviction and a carefully drawn plan, it’s time to act. And that is good.

Pastor Gordon MacLeod

January 3, 2021 - Steering Committee Update
Here. For Good. - Brochure by Jeff Somers
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