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House Church

Show Love, Share Life, and Serve Grace Together

House Church

Show Love, Share Life, and Serve Grace Together

We see House Church as an integral piece of the DNA that makes up who we are at Lewisville. We don’t see House Church replacing what we may now think of as church… we see it as adding to it, strengthening it, and pushing us forward to experience the type of community that Jesus taught about.

A community that shows love, shares life, and serves grace together.

House Church is a new expression for us here at Lewisville. With that in mind, we remind ourselves that grace must win. As we come together as a community, we realize that we're on a journey of figuring out just what exactly this looks like for us here at Lewisville. Will you come on this journey with us?

We'd love for you to sign up down below to find out more information about how you can be part of a House Church!


IS House Church replacing Sunday morning church?

Absolutely not! We see House Church as a companion to our Sunday Morning experience. We don't see House Church being a "watch party" on Sunday morning (during Church Online) - but that doesn't mean you can't watch church together in community. House Church is a group of individuals who get together on a weekly bases to show love, share life, and serve grace together - all while reflecting as a group on the past Sunday's teaching.

is house church the same thing as a bible study, or a small group?

Short answer: no. The main focus of House Church will be to experience community with each other in smaller groupings, which can be difficult on a normal Sunday morning for the size of a church that we are. House Church will follow the teachings from Sunday, with practical guides and discussions points to help further on the conversation and learning. Small groups and Bible Studies are still able to happen within the context of Lewisville, but outside of the context of House Church.

how will my kids fit into this?

We love the idea of House Church representing the entire church body - not just people of the same stage of life, ethnic background, or socio-economic standings... so that means some House Church's will have kids in the mix! And we actually think that's great! The material and discussion guides will be aimed and targeted for adults however. Ultimately, each House Church will be coached on different possibilities for "what to do with the children" question. Some House Church's will feel comfortable having their kids interact and close by, others might take shifts on "kid duty" for the week, while others might pool their resources together to hire a babysitter for the evening. Realistically, each House Church will be different and will have the freedom to find what works best for them... but with some help from us along the way!

How are house church groups formed?

Once someone signs up to be part of a Lewisville House Church, their geographic location will be considered for what House Church would make most sense, however - we are not fixed on this. The House Church leaders will send out invitations to those you sign up. If you have a friend, or a co-worker who has invited you to be apart of their House Church... then we'll make sure you're with their group.

How long is the commitment for house church? is this a life sentence?

We have a saying here at Lewisville that 'grace must win.' So we know that in the beginning, House Church will have its ups and downs. So for now, we see House Churches functioning along with the seasons. A Fall Season, and then a Winter / Spring season. The summer months are up to each individual House Church. After the summer break, the House Church leaders will simply put the call out to re-invite their House Church members. It's the dream that every House Church would function amazingly right off the start... but we know this isn't reality. Church Leadership and House Church Leadership ultimately want the best for all of our community, so we'll work hard to make sure we find the right fit for you and your family.

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