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Summer Leadership Cohort


This summer, we are excited to launch our Student Summer Leadership Cohort for students entering grades 7-12 (formally the Student Summer Intern Program)!

Have you thought about your influence? Because we have.

Through this process, we will grow as leaders, persons, and as followers of Christ. This program will provide training, coaching and experience, as well as leadership and spiritual development.

What to expect each week?

Learning Together

  • Leadership Training
  • Bible Study

Serving Together

  • Local Projects
  • Kidsville Plus

Primary Areas of Development

PERSONAL. At the end of this cohort, our hope and prayer are that you become more fully you. We will push you in your relationships, time management, communication, and abilities. We will constantly encourage you to identify areas in your life that God wants you to grow and work on.

LEADERSHIP. We not only want to grow you as a person, but we want to grow you as a leader. Through responsibilities and training in the areas of attitude, leading teams, being a team member, program planning, special events, and learning to communicate effectively.

SERVICE. Throughout this leadership program, you will gain both experience and knowledge. Leaders will be a part of weekly training meetings led by Josh, other staff and guests.

SPIRITUAL. Students will leave this program with a full understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ. You will learn what it means to pursue God through prayer, the Word, and your personal life.

What is expected from Students?

  • To be present emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually
  • To be consistent
  • To be open to learning
  • To be willing to serve

How to sign up?

Apply using the link belong by June 18th!

Got questions?